Many BIM blogs focus purely upon the technical aspects of BIM and very quickly get into detailed, acronym & jargon heavy discussion. That is not to say there is anything wrong with technical BIM blogs, it is just that other facets of BIM are neglected.

Therefore, this blog primarily covers business, strategy, process & people aspects of BIM.

Many BIM sources have a vested interest in one way or another, such as selling software or services. There is big difference between:

  • the glossy brochures from software spruikers, BIM infomercials, BIM conferences, vendor-sponsored papers and so on.
  • making BIM work in practice.

Yes, BIM can have many benefits if you get it right, but Success is not guaranteed. What will work perfectly in a 10 minute software demonstration is a world apart from the construction site office or architectural/engineering office.

Like anyone else, I am not completely independent or free from bias, but the observations and opinions on this blog have been formed from my experience in the design & construction industry over many years.
I produce this blog because there is a lot of nonsense and misinformation about BIM. Rather than just grumble about it, I wanted to present an alternative opinion, and I thank the people who have expressed their agreement & support.

I hope you find it useful.



I am a qualified architect and have been working with technology, design and construction for around 25 years.

I have worked for various architectural, engineering, technology & construction companies across commercial buildings, civil & infrastructure, tunnelling, hydrocarbons and industrial projects.

I live in Sydney, Australia. You can contact me:

The views expressed in this blog are a personal opinion only & do not reflect those of my employer.